Town of Fairfield, CT
Parking Ticket System

This parking ticket website allows you to make a payment on any outstanding parking ticket issued to you by the Town of Fairfield, CT.

You will need your ticket number, the state in which your vehicle is registered, and your vehicle's license plate number to make a payment. Payments are accepted by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. Once the payment is completed successfully your ticket will be updated as paid in the Town of Fairfield's database and a receipt will be emailed to you if a valid email address is supplied.

If you proceed to pay a parking ticket, note that you may be assessed a flat rate convenience fee of $3.50 per ticket paid through If you are paying a railroad parking ticket within 10 calendar days of the issue date (the issue date being day #1), you will not be assessed this fee. All other violations and railroad parking tickets that are past due will be assessed the $3.50 per ticket fee.

To appeal a Police Department Parking Violation please CLICK HERE
To appeal a Railroad Parking Fee please CLICK HERE


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