Park Harrisburg, PA Parking Ticket System

This system will allow you to enter an appeal on your open parking ticket issued by Park Harrisburg, PA. Once you have completed the appeal process through this web site your appeal will be submitted to Park Harrisburg, PA for a decision. All appeals will be responded to within 30 days.

Note that due to data entry processing time, you may not be able to enter your parking ticket appeal at this time. If you receive an error that the summons is not on file please try again later. Once Park Harrisburg, PA has entered your ticket information into the database you will be able to process your appeal. If you are certain your ticket should be available for appeal (i.e. several days have passed since it was issued) contact Park Harrisburg, PA directly.

Ticket Instructions
All tickets numbers entered must have a length of 10 digits and/or letters. Follow these instructions on how to enter your ticket number above. If more than one set of instructions is provided, find the scenario that most closely matches what you see on the physical ticket.

  • If the length of the ticket number is less than 10, insert enough zeros at the beginning of the ticket number to make the total length equal to 10. For example: If your ticket number is 123456, enter it above as 0000123456; If your ticket number is W012345, enter it above as 000W012345.
  • If the length of the ticket number is 10 and the previous instructions did not work, enter the ticket number exactly as it appears on your ticket, including any numbers and/or letters.