Welcome to ParkingTicketPayment.com

To access the Parking Ticket Payment System for the ticket issuing municipality, you must enter the URL exactly as it appears on your violation notice or parking ticket. If you have trouble locating the exact URL, you can contact the issuing municipality for information.

NOTE: ParkingTicketPayment.com is unavailable daily between 2 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. EST for routine maintenance.
The following is a list of information that will help you in using ParkingTicketPayment.com:
  • Have your parking ticket number available along with the vehicle registration tag that this ticket was issued to.
  • If you have multiple tickets open for the entered vehicle registration tag, you must pay all open tickets via the web site.
  • If you wish to pay parking tickets for multiple vehicle registration tags, you must pay each plate individually.
  • A flat rate convenience fee will be charged per ticket paid through ParkingTicketPayment.com. To view the dollar amount of the convenience fee for the issuing municipality, enter the exact URL as shown on your violation notice or parking ticket.

ParkingTicketPayment.com is a service being offered in conjunction with various parking ticket issuing municipalities. This service will allow you the convenience of paying any current and/or outstanding parking tickets issued by these municipalities over a secure web site with most major credit cards. Once payments are processed through ParkingTicketPayment.com, records at the issuing municipality will be updated accordingly, in real-time, and your parking tickets will be marked as paid.